CryptoPunks Book Launch: Uncover Untold Stories of the NFT Art Trend

• Yuga Labs has announced a collaboration with Zak Group to launch a book on the CryptoPunks project.
• The book will document the 10,000 NFTs of CryptoPunks and their effect since they were released in 2017.
• Prominent digital artists and community members are contributing to the book along with the original founders of CryptoPunks.

Yuga Labs Announces Launch of Official Book on CryptoPunks

Yuga Labs has announced a new collaboration with Zak Group for the launch of an official book about CryptoPunks. The book will document every Punk, pixel by pixel, and will include stories related to the project. It is scheduled for release this winter and prominent digital artists and community members are contributing alongside the original founders of CryptoPunks.

CryptoPunks: Sparked NFT Art Trend

CryptoPunks launched six years ago in 2017 sparking an NFT art trend while also serving as a blueprint for several subsequent other initiatives. Since then, it has produced over $2.1 billion in trade activity, with some individual PFPs selling for up to $23.7 million last year (2022). Currently, these NFTs are trading on secondary markets at slightly over $89,000 worth of ETH each – down considerably from late last year’s peak price of over $417k per Punk.

Promising Untold Stories Related to Project

Yuga Labs has promised to document the development process and include community feedback as it progresses through its official Discord and Twitter accounts. In addition, Yuga also promised “untold stories” related to the project that would be included in the book when it launches this winter season.

Contributors Include Digital Artists & Community Members

Prominent digital artists and community members will contribute their work alongside that of Matt Hall and John Watkinson—the original founders behind Larva Labs’ CryptoPunk initiative—in this upcoming release from Yuga Labs; further adding value to what is already expected to be an invaluable piece of crypto art history by many enthusiasts in attendance this winter season when it launches officially.


The upcoming Cryptopunk Book promises untold stories related to its creation along with contributions from prominent digital artists & community members alike—all collected together into one definitive source: this official release from Yuga labs set for launch later this winter season!

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