FTX Saga: Tech Giants, Crypto Firms and Government Entities Listed as Creditors

• FTX Saga continues with revelation of the complete list of creditors, ranging from tech companies to hoteliers, airlines, and even government-owned entities.
• Notable tech giants on the list of FTX creditors include Apple, Amazon, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more.
• Crypto and Web 3.0-based firms, media firms, and government entities also owe money to FTX.

The saga of FTX continues to unravel with the release of a court document that reveals the full list of creditors the bankrupt exchange owes money to. This document has opened up a whole new set of questions as to why and how these companies, ranging from tech giants to hoteliers and government-owned entities, are involved with FTX.

The 115-page list of creditors contains a wide range of companies, from tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, Meta, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more, to crypto and Web 3.0-based firms such as Circle, Yuga Labs, Coinbase, Sky Mavis, Chainalysis, Galaxy Digital, Yuga Labs, Bittrex, Messari, and some subsidiaries of Binance. Media firms, including The Wall Street Journal, CoinDesk, and The New York Times, and government entities, such as the US Federal Reserve, are also listed as creditors.

The presence of so many tech companies and government entities on the list of FTX creditors has raised many questions about the firm’s financial activities and the nature of its relationships with these entities. It is unclear if FTX’s dealings with these entities were part of legitimate business transactions or if there were any irregularities.

Given the huge number of tech firms and government entities involved in the FTX saga, it is likely that this story will remain in the headlines for some time. It is also likely that more revelations will be made as the investigation into FTX’s financial activities continues. The outcome of this investigation could have far-reaching implications for the tech and crypto industries.

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